Creative media isn’t prepared to take a chance on the under 30s: and it suffers for it

She’s 23, not 14. She can probably make more than the tea

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My friend is doing an internship at ITV. She’s written three screenplays, won a BFI scholarship and has a 1st class degree in film making. And now, aged 23, she makes the tea.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not demanding you give a bunch of grads 13m and total freedom. But if you don’t invest in us, we sure as hell aren’t going to learn the skills or routines to continue in this industry.

And, if you don’t mind me saying so, you really shoot yourself in the foot be belittling young talent. I know my friend could redraft pitches, edit shot plans and hold her own in location meetings as well as any thirty year old. Instead, she sits around, bored, until someone needs an email sent to HR. You could do the same skill training aged 15 in your local insurance branch. Yawn.

And the pay reflects that. When you make a smart, qualified 23 year old do a 15 year olds job, you are saying all their hard work and ability reflects that of a kid who failed BTECH construction. No wonder so many millennials feel demoralized.

At least show her how to submit a screenplay, invite her to contribute at meetings or show more initiative than who takes soya milk in their tea. Anyone can send an email. Leave those jobs to the school leavers.

Take a chance on a smart young man or woman and treat them as an adult. They will mess up. You messed up.

But you definitely did more than get the coffee from Starbucks in 1998.

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