Dear ‘British Patriots’: I’m not your damsel in distress

Well, maybe you could stop catcalling me but hey

A Tommy Robinson Wannabe (TRW) is up to his usual mischief on a Britain First comment section. ‘Our women ar (sic) in danger thanks too (sic) these muslims its time we acted like men and protected them!’ Yawn.

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Oh wow, you saved me, oh no wait, you didn’t

I’m the first one to get my knickers in a twist about imported nonsense on modesty or virginity culture, but this false outrage over my supposed victimhood at the hands of these wicked foreigners frustrates me. Women have been groped, harassed, whistled at like dogs and trafficked on this island for as long as people have lived here. And by, ironically, the wonderful white knight saviours who are now demanding our ‘safety’.

Also I’m not ‘your’ woman. You don’t lay claim to my vagina just because you look pretty similar to me. I’m my woman. And I choose who I fancy. I’m not a ‘race traitor’ because guess what, there is no scientific basis for races at all. Humans are so horribly inbred that we are one of the few species who can’t screw our cousins. And the fact you suddenly care about my freedom and sexual safety is laughable. In the nineties you lot were ‘just having a laugh’ when you pulled up a girl’s skirt and groped her in the street.

You don’t care about me, you care about your own little racist agenda. You like the testosterone release you get feeling upset and violent. You are sexually frustrated because now you have to compete with a wider selection of men. If you actually cared about ‘your women’, you’d stop sending death threats to those who reported your favourite footballers for sexual harassment. You’d stop beating up your wives and daughters, and criticise white people who do. You’d stop catcalling us in the street for ‘banter’. You’d stand outside rape trials for white rapists with the same anger and conviction. But you won’t. Because beating up Sanjay is a hell of a lot more fun than dealing with your own flaws.

I dislike the whole white knight EDL/far right crowd in general but sometimes their hypocrisy gets me really angry. No time more so than when Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon) decided to stand outside a court with his bunch of angry white blokes when a Muslim man was being prosecuted for alleged rape. (I’m using the word alleged because that’s the correct thing to do when something was uncertain at the time, not because I have any questions over its legitimacy.) Filming it and howling at him like a bunch of baboons, they broke the law by harassing and filming a man before sentencing. They later turned this, falsely, into a media cover up of muslim rapes, but what can you expect from that lot.

Anyway, when there were (and there was) thousands of other rape, abuse, sexual violence and stalking cases committed by white guys against ‘our women’, Lo! Tommy Robinson was nowhere to be seen. Nor was any other outraged white right wingers. Because, if you hadn’t noticed, the crime isn’t abusing women, it’s being a muslim and abusing a white woman. In fact I’d go further than that, it’s being a foreigner/non-white and abusing a white woman. It stinks of racism and reminds me of the lynching of black men who touched white women in the South.

They (the far white-right patriots) use ‘muslim’ as an ideological cover for their xenophobia. Controversially, I’d argue that some of their criticism of Islam, Islamists and indeed South Asian/Arab cultural misogyny isn’t completely wrong, but their motives for it come from completely the wrong place. It doesn’t come from a desire for an end to honour killings, acid attacks and female slavery, it comes from very angry, very racist hatred of the ‘other’. They don’t argue for stricter punishment for acid attackers, they argue for the deportation of Pakistanis. They don’t argue for Salafi women to be given police protection from abusive family/spouses after leaving abusive marriages, they argue for hanging to be brought back in relation to Islamic murders. They don’t argue for longer sentences for child groomers, just for less immigration from Central Asia. It’s transparent.

Be wary of them. It might sound like sense but its the same nasty fascist rhettoric we’ve heard against just about any other immigrant group in the UK. Want to criticise ideologies? Be my guest. But don’t you dare use female suffering only to support your racist agenda.

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24 year old with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually.

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