‘Hitting On' and ‘Harassing’: #MadelaineExplains

How to know what counts as a pass, or a creepy invasion of space and privacy

So today I thought we’d talk about the rad issue of harassment. Some people have got their knickers in a twist about what counts as a flirtatious comment, or as an uber-creepy weird thing that should never be said to a colleague.

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A Cafe, New York, 10am

Your Office, London, 1pm

A busy street, Birmingham, 4pm

Work meeting, London, 11am

Your CEO’s office

A Bar, Cape Town, 2am

Got it? Any questions? Well, learn to PER.

Written by

24 year old with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually. madelaine@madelainehanson.co.uk

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