Hot take: Mulan (2020) isn’t feminist, empowering or inclusive

I managed to sit through this consumerist binfire, and I didn’t like it

I don’t get to say ‘as a bisexual feminist’ as often as I’d like, but this is definitely one of those rare occasions where it isn’t wildly irrelevant. As a Bisexual Feminist™, I had the privilege of being one of the first people to facepalm at the planned live remake of Mulan: 1998.

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Liu Yifei looks incredibly bored throughout the whole film

Hot take: Mulan: 2020 tries incredibly hard to be feminist, empowering and inclusive. In doing so, it is aggressively anti-feminist, unempowering and non-inclusive. And godawful.

Part 1: What does ‘empowering’ actually mean?

Part 2: Cash 4 Feminism?

Part 3: Not a Remake, and Whitewashed ‘Inclusivity’

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