I was censored for speaking out about getting rape threats: should I still use Facebook?

Growing censorship has finally started to affect even the tamest users

I am a pretty normal, slightly absurd 22 year old girl. I’m not a Neo-Nazi, I’m largely a pacifist, I’m not a radical theist, and I don’t like hate speech. But, as I found out, I was still a doubleplusungood citizen who was guilty of plusungoodthinking.

What was my ungoodthink?

Posting about a rape threat that I recieved.

This ungoodthink is something I feel very strongly about. Not only is this ungoodthink something that many women face every day, but an ungoodthink that I regularly- as in, post weeks- encounter. Recieving a rape threat makes me feel very unpositive.

I really believe that I have a right to openly state what happens to me online. I think I have a right to talk about it in a way that I find appropriate. Forcing me into silence is an ancient tactic and I am now considering leaving the site; how can I use a product that silences rape victims?

Shame on you Facebook.

Written by

24 year old with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually. madelaine@madelainehanson.co.uk

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