Legal Abortions are a fundamental necessity: the alternative is horrific

Even if you oppose them, how dare you demand others suffer for your ethics

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We don’t have enough resources to fund every unwanted child; there would be millions
  1. CONDOMS FAIL. THEY SPLIT ALL THE TIME. I don’t know anyone who isn’t sexually active who hasn’t had a pregnancy scare because her period was late once, or fifteen times. The pill? That can fail too, especially if you miss it for a day or two. The fail rates are definitely not 99%. I’d say more about 80%. Definitely not a dead cert. IUDs? Also sometimes it just happens. Unwanted pregnancy happens. No one sets out to have an unwanted pregnancy. Trust me, we all try desperately not to go through the horror and panic of discovering you might have to give up your degree, dreams and hopes, not to mention raise a child you don’t want.
  2. Would you rather pay a lot more- and I’m talking billions here- for women’s shelters, child care, child support, counselling, social care, council houses, foster homes, that child’s NHS care, that child’s education, that child’s nappies, bottles, milk, food, trips to the cinema for 18 years? Do you want to pay for the costs of overcrowding, disease, crime and unemployment that will definitely occur if we force women to have every single one of the hundreds of thousands of pregnancies that are terminated every year? If the answer is no, then you can definitely pay £23 (on average) a year to stop the appalling suffering of millions of the thousands of unwanted children who will be ditched on the state. (And no, putting the power on ‘the father’ to play God on whether he pays for the abortion spells disaster).

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