Madelaine Hanson’s 50 Points to Save Your Life (or improve it)

50 bits of advice for all you lucky netizens out there

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Please, take my glowing yellow mind
  1. Don’t stay in a relationship with anyone who hits or mentally tortures you.
  2. Learn how to swim.
  3. Stop being racist. Or homophobic. Or a jerk.
  4. Eat less sugar.
  5. Learn how to cook for yourself.
  6. Read more books. Even if they are rubbish erotica. Read.
  7. Listen to music you like even if other people don’t approve. Life is too short.
  8. Get foundation that actually matches your skin tone.
  9. Change your mind about things. Be flexible.
  10. Don’t hold grudges against exes. Be free, like a free person.
  11. Turn lights out when you leave rooms.
  12. Try trampolining. (great for toning up)
  13. Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in.
  14. Be sex positive. Work out what you like.
  15. Confront problems straight away. Even if you are scared.
  16. Look at the moon and stars more often. They are cool.
  17. Use moisturiser and suncream. You’ll thank me later.
  18. Speaking of cream, try coffee ice cream sometime.
  19. If your hair is frizzy, comb it with a wet brush.
  20. Acknowedge your flaws. And strengths.
  21. Acknowledge problems in your ideology or country.
  22. Live with your fiancée for a year before you marry him. Your welcome.
  23. If you are very unhappy in a marriage, get a divorce. No shame in not liking someone anymore. It happens.
  24. Break up with someone before sleeping with someone else. Manners.
  25. If you don’t love your partner anymore, admit it and move on. They deserve better.
  26. Listen to your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/husband/wife about their grievances. And try to make life happier for them.
  27. If your partner/friend is making you feel deeply unattractive, unconfident and small, then confront them over it. It might be unintentional.
  28. If your relationship is toxic, get out of there. Even if you’ve been married 50 years.
  29. Start a new job if your current one is hell on earth. No paycheck is worth depression.
  30. Learn to say no. And fight for yourself in a corner.
  31. Be more ambitious. Network. Meet people. Join an evening class.
  32. Stop believing completely ridiculous conspiracy theories. Grow up.
  33. Learn to like yourself. Take a minute to reflect when you get things right.
  34. Find three good things about life every day.
  35. Always seek knowledge, especially about the world around you.
  36. NEVER wear crocs or similarly ugly shoes.
  37. Learn to contour your nose without looking stripy.
  38. Watch documentaries for fun.
  39. Do what makes you happy. Whatever people say, a sad life is rubbish.
  40. If you have an addiction, tell people. Seek help. Shame isn’t as bad as death or debt.
  41. Drink a whole bottle of water before eating a meal.
  42. Learn to find the beauty in people beyond their physical form.
  43. Don’t be too sad when someone doesn’t want to date you. Sometimes the problem is ‘us’ not ‘you’.
  44. Be nice to people. They remember that.
  45. If you can help, do.
  46. If you need help, ask for it.
  47. Learn another language.
  48. Make people laugh. Or smile.
  49. Be whatever religion/ non religion you want.

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24 year old with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually.

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