Men: If you wear suits to work, what did you expect?

Your waistcoat gives off all the wrong signals

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Damn boy, you look good. And you know you do. You ironed your trousers, dry cleaned your jacket and even worked out what tie went with your handkerchief. But if you know you will be working around women, why put yourself at risk of receiving the wrong attention?

You’ve presented yourself in a 'come hither, I’m game' fashion and obviously she’s going to pick up on that as the fact you are sexually interested in her. Don’t blame her when she pulls down her trousers and expects oral sex because you chose to enter a woman’s office alone dressed in a way you KNOW women find hot.

How is she supposed to know you don’t want your crotch groped at if you are wearing fitting suits? You look like the kind of guy who’d be up for it. It’s confusing for her because all your clothing choices suggest you do. If you don’t want her spanking you on the way out of the boardroom, maybe stop dressing like a pussytease.

Also, she’s not going to believe you don’t want her as an older, professional wealthy woman. I mean, are you sure you don’t fancy Karen? She drives a BMW. You could do a lot worse. From her perspective, you should be flattered when she says how sexy you look in your waistcoat. Because as a rich powerful woman, the fact she fancies you could take you a long way. She expects you to be reciprocal.

If you don’t want to be straddled in a board meeting or stripped in her office, maybe start looking at where you went wrong.

Did you go into her office alone? Big mistake. You can’t expect women to treat you as human beings and employees: they will take this as a sign of your sexual interest. Smiling or laughing at their jokes?

How are they expected to see that as anything other than flirting? Wearing a suit? Come on, you obviously want her to say something about your ass in the lift.

Ultimately, you are the problem when your boss behaves sexually with you. It’s not her fault. She’s probably stressed or having a hard time with her husband. Do you really want to ruin her life by taking it to HR? I mean, you were wearing Gucci.


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24 year old with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually.

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