Meninist Bingo: every quote they come up with in an online discussion

Also known as resentful creep syndrome

  1. “My ex girlfriend was a bitch so actually men aren’t that bad, its equal”
  2. “Actually women prefer men who rape/assault/harass them”
  3. “Women are happiest in their natural motherly position it’s a scientific fact”
  4. “Women take men’s jobs by entering male professions, that’s not fair”
  5. “My ex girlfriend said I assaulted her and that’s insane because she was my girlfriend”
  6. “Women should stop acting like men”
  7. “I think men should have a say on abortions. Like, the woman should have it if he’s against abortion”
  8. “Why should I pay childcare? She should have been more careful”
  9. “I hate condoms. Women should be less selfish and go on the pill”
  10. “Why should I have to pay for the pill? Women should stop being a sluts”
  11. “Women won’t have sex with me because I’m a nice guy”
  12. “I hate women. They all judge me and won’t go out with me, just because I was brought up to not be a jock…”
  13. “I want a blonde with big boobs and she can’t weigh over 110lb. But they all say no to me because they want money, so shallow”
  14. “Sorry that’s an anecdote. I need evidence.”
  15. “No, I want a global study on sexual harassment, this one was only 200,000 women.”
  16. “Well your evidence doesn’t weigh up in my experience, because my mum is a bitch.”
  17. “If sexism exists, why do I have to go to war?’
  18. “I have a right to be angry. Those bitches (women) have rejected me all my life. How can I respect myself as a man who is a virgin?”
  19. “Feminists are just ugly women who can’t get alphas. I’m an alpha. I’m an INTJ (and fucking creepy)?”
  20. “…so….want to have a drink sometime?”

Anthropologist with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually.

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