My first boss paid £29.3k of my wages into his own bank account –and kept it. Now, I’m speaking out

It’s taken over six months for me to feel ready to share this

Article Amendment: Due to an individual reporting this as violating privacy rules, I have edited out information naming them and introduced appropriate pseudonyms. I have kept a copy of the original text for legal reasons. All pseudonyms are in bold.

In December 2019, I stood on the platform of Hampstead train station, and watched the yellow numbers flicker down from three minutes to two on the announcement board.

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Image amended for privacy

This is my story about working for ‘Stalin.’

“I’ve tried to block him out of my memory. We all tried to forget.”

Why does anyone stay on under a monster? I needed the job.

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Me, a month or so after the lowest point of my eating disorder. Here, left, I’m around 7st 11

“What are all your clients going to say?”

“Madelaine has dobbed us in”

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Stalin sent me several emails of an extremely abusive nature (amended for privacy)

“I’ve got it. I know what he did.”

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The smoking gun (amended for privacy)

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24 year old with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually.

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