No Tala Halawa, Hitler was not right

Tala Halawa doesn’t understand her shocking Nazism and wants a free pass

No, it was not okay to support the Holocaust in 2014, Tawa

A Nazi, ladies and gentleman, is someone who thinks Hitler was right. Right to persecute the Jewish people, right to have them forced in their millions into concentration camps and gas chambers, right to have them shot at for target practice, right to be rounded into ghettos to be murdered, and right to be ethnically cleansed from Europe.

Tala Halawa thinks Hitler was right.

Tala Halawa also thinks it’s unfair that she was fired from her BBC taxpayer funded job as an impartial reporter for being a Nazi.

There’s saying stupid things, haven’t we all, and then there’s thinking that the Holocaust was right. There’s thinking that Jewish people are so innately evil and wrong that they should be ethnically cleansed off the face of the earth. There’s thinking that the world’s most notorious antisemite, responsible for the fact that the Jewish population has never recovered from his genocidal activities, was right. I’ve said some badly worded things in my time but never has it ever crossed my mind to agree with Hitler’s Final Solution. That is some next level racism. That is, in the most basic terms, Nazism.

Unfortunately, some people are going to agree that she was just emotional over the situation in Palestine, and misspoke. I disagree. I think open calls to endorse the mass murder of six million men, women and children in Europe for simply being Jewish is above and beyond the bar of repulsion. In fact, I’m dead certain that saying that it would have been better if Hitler had succeeded in murdering all the Jews in the world is so vile, so repulsive, that short of a serious and meaningful attempt to rectify and educate yourself on the holocaust, your actions are unforgivable.

Let’s call Tala Halawa what she is: a Nazi.

Tala Halawa seriously believes that she should be allowed to be a BBC reporter while holding such repulsive views against Jewish people: including those paying her salary. Her lacklustre apology was filled with the powerful words ‘that was seven years ago’. Those aren’t the kind of views you can dismiss as something that was fine in 2014. They weren’t a ‘stupid and idiotic comment’ they were the calls to repeat Hitler’s actions against Jewish people on the descendants of those who survived. And no, don’t you dare come at me with ‘But Palestine’ to this. If I said that ‘Britain was right’ to enslave, colonize, torture, and traffic African people for hundreds of years because of geopolitical conflicts in Eritrea or Nigeria, would you accept it? Would you say that my support for the persecution and annihilation of an entire race was justified because I was ‘distressed’ about the modern warfare going on? No, you wouldn’t. Because that would be understood as racist.

But, like David Baddiel says, Jews don’t count.

People like Tala Halawa don’t see the Jewish people as justified in their anger against her comments. They don’t see it as fair that they take offence at something she said ‘seven years ago’. They don’t see it as troubling to Jewish folks to have her reporting on Israel. For her, Jews, and their pain and fear of her Nazism, are just part of a ‘trial by social media’ wickedly undermining her through ‘faux outrage’. She doesn’t think it’s reasonable that she shouldn’t hold a position of power paid for by Jewish taxpayers after the hurt and pain she’s caused. She doesn’t see it as justified that Jewish people don’t want her to cover something she has such extreme views on. Her racism is not only something she doesn’t acknowledge, but something she is angry about being held to account on.

So no, Tala, I don’t think you are the victim here. And I don’t think you should get your job back. But hey, a lot of people agree with your views and no doubt would be delighted to see you get your next job at the Daily Goosestep.

Screw you.




26 year old with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually.

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Madelaine Lucy Hanson

Madelaine Lucy Hanson

26 year old with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually.

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