Seriously Christopher: stop making rape or race all about you

You heard of Karen with a K? Well now let’s talk about Christophers.

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,” cry the white guys in my news feed, on just about every issue they should zip it on and listen.

Black transwoman gets murdered in broad daylight? Hundreds of women coming forward over male perpetrated abuse? Spousal homicide from husbands accounting for most female murders?

The whataboutery is insane.

The narrative must, be about men. Preferably the wronged white male only trying to get by with his lighthearted use of the n-word or grope of a colleague’s bottom.

Christopher is so used to the world being about him that the mere mention of another ethnicity, religion or gender upsets him. The idea that it isn’t his turn to speak today actually him. Cue tears, angry RT articles and memes about That one guy who wasn’t a rapist so stop believing women.You get the idea.

Some of this blooms into the outright hysterical. #MeToo ends up provoking Christopher to write an article called ‘Should Women Who Lie About Rape Be Prosecuted’. That’s what Christopher has learnt from this. That’s what Christopher cares about. He’ll also leave whiny comments on articles about racism about how he didn’t get a scholarship for black students because he’s white. Boohoo.

He thinks Islam should be banned and that people who insult veterans should be fined, but whinges about being ‘censored’ when his friend points out that calling black Americans ‘benefit gangster scum' is a tad racist.

He thinks women have it better than men in the west but still expects his girlfriend to do all the cleaning and cook when she’s home from work. He doesn’t believe in a gender pay gap, just that ‘women prefer an easy ride and don’t work as hard and do easy subjects’.

He thinks racism doesn’t exist anymore but openly says black people ‘have a lazy culture' and ‘that’s why they never achieve anymore.’

He thinks immigrants are taking over the country but expects them to do jobs he considers beneath white people.

He prides himself on ‘defending our women' by sharing posts where Muslims have attacked white women, but subtly ignores every other case of misogyny or sexual abuse.

Christopher, you suck.

Are you a white man, but not a Christopher? Great! This doesn’t apply to you. Chillax and treat yourself to a nice cup of tea. Good going bro.

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24 year old with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually.

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