Sorry BBC, I’m not letting you get away with lazy commentary

Muslims actually question antisemitism and holocaust denial more than you think

( This is the article I’m annoyed about)

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Lazy one line justification of holocaust denial is unacceptable

Yusef Patel has just finished fasting, but didn’t take a break from challenging and facing up to antisemitism and division in today’s London.

He’s a proud activist, a proud Brit and one of the most informed speakers against hatred and prejudice I know. He calls out antisemitism and speaks with the Jewish community regularly. Oh, and he’s a Muslim.

Actually, I know a lot of Muslims, both British and international, who very much oppose the dialogue that hatred of the Jewish community, and indeed the existence of Israel, is something shared across the ummah. Maajid Nawaz, Adam Deen, Rabia Mirza and many others insist on a nuanced, tolerant and open minded approach to what is a complex and blurred situation.

So when the BBC, something I normally hail as ‘one of the good ones’ for nuance, simplifies holocaust denial in the Islamic community as ‘something sensitive due to many Jews settling in Israel’ I am pretty angry. How are Jewish people supposed to read that? That Holocaust denial is okay because of your ethical opinion on the existence of a country? That getting ‘sensitive’ over the holocaust, a synonym for offended by its acknowledgement, is normal amoung ‘many muslims’? Piss off.

Please stop normalising and trivialising antisemitism and holocaust denial in a throwaway line. Because a lot of brave Muslims are actually challenging those lazy, widespread statements. Give them a little credit.

(NOTE: I notice they have deleted the line from the article without acknowledging it. I’d advise them to at least admit that they have done so. Basic ethical journalism.)

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