The Art of Conning Grandma: 5 Scams Website Agencies Use

The 12 Labors of Conning People Into Paying Stupid Money

1. “We actually need *more* money to build the CMS and back end coding”

This is how you change a heading. Wow so hard, please pay me $3,000

2. “It’ll take us 5 days to replace that section of text”

There’s really no excuse for this fraud

3. We’ll need another $3,000 to cover the costs of updating the header image”

Uploading a new image, provided it’s not a massive mp4, is not even priceable

4. “The earliest we can update your blog post/ header/ profile picture is next Thursday, it takes time”

NEVER accept lengthy delays for easy edits

5. “The CMS got broken!” “It caught a Fimble virus!”

If something ‘breaks’ be very, very suspicious

Bonus Round!

6. “Your video/image is too big so I can’t do nuffin’”

7. “We weren’t expecting you not to like our first draft so that’s another $50,000 quid plus delays!”

8. “Wahh, I had to spend all day redoing that section!”

9. “It’s not working for some reason. Not my problem”

10. “I figured I’d wait until our meeting next week to ask”


If you can, always work with a freelancer.

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