The raw sex appeal of Madelaine Hanson (or the perversity of dudes)

Outfit 1: Late Stuart peasant girdle with blouse and full skirts

Cleavage: 0/10

Skirt shortness: 0/10

Erotic appeal: 1/10 (fetish?)

Yeah I was confused by the amount of harassment I got off this one too. Lots of creepy guys calling me sexy in this one. Too much…hand? Damn my erotic hands.

Outfit 2: Loose hijab, coat and knee length skirt with tights

Cleavage: 0/10

Skirt Shortness: 3/10

Sex Appeal: 0/10

Yeah, still got harassed. Guy came up and asked to take me on a date from just seeing the back of my calves. Or was it the headscarf? Bemused. Too sexy, ladies.

Outfit 3: Huge woollen jumper, skirt and flat shoes

Cleavage: 0/10

Skirt shortness: 3/10

Sex appeal: -10/10

Nope, even disguising yourself as a sheep won’t work. Got stared at and followed (not by this dude). Interestingly, less harassment than the first two. But still not safe clothing.

Outfit 4: Thick Leggings and knee length striped t-shirt dress

Cleavage: 1/10

Skirt length: 0? Leggings?

Sex appeal: 2/10

Was it my exposed forearm? My erotic wrists? My bipedal legs? Who knows. Dudes were creepy. Got asked if I liked threeways. Nope. Nope Sir, I do not.

Outfit 5: Tight ballet leotard

Cleavage: 100/10

Skirt length: Absent

Sex appeal: Plump bond girl

Some guys were a bit creepy, but no more so than anything else. Most said I looked ‘artistic’. Maybe we are desensitised to grayscale scantily clad women? Or am I weird looking for a dancer? A mystery indeed.


Wear what the hell you want. Men are gonna harass you even if you wear a headscarf, a full length costume, or a leotard. Its not your fault. Blame he of the uncontrolled libido.

Written by

24 year old with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually.

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