Too fat to act? I’ll be honest with you, it’s a two tier system

Beware the weird logic of casting directors (I’m a size 8)

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what the fuck is up with casting these days

If you are, like 90% of the girls I know between 18–28, occupy a rough UK8–12 body type, I know that you probably think you are fat, and I also know that no one in their right minds would look at you and think you were overweight.

That is, unless you want to be an actress, film star, singer, model, instagrammer or anything else where someone might see your knees. Then, if you are over a size UK6*, absolutely everyone in the biz will nudge you to ‘look a little thinner, because the camera adds pounds.’

*US 2.

And its fucking soul destroying. You can know perfectly well that people love your body, you can walk across London for hours, your BMI is spot on, and that it is perfectly normal to occasionally have a piece of cake. People would laugh if you told them you thought you needed to lose some weight to be attractive. But from that moment on you end up obsessing about every inch of your body.

You can be the best actress, the funniest comedienne, the most dazzling model but in a business where a size 12 is considered plus size, the normal sizes of you and me, say size 8, become something of a no-man’s land. Are we hiring a fat woman and making a point, and if so shouldn’t we hire someone really large? Is that laughable thing being heard around casting rooms staring at a PERFECTLY NORMAL GIRL OF 5FT 6 WITH A SIZE SMALL DRESS.

Is having a thigh gap really a requirement to play any main protagonist?

Yeah, obviously men have to jump through hoops too. I really doubt Einstein or Da Vinci had six packs but for some reason they do in the dramas. Poldark is probably the most smirk worthy example of unrealistic body types. He’s a farmer miner. He wouldn’t have time to do three hours of gym to get those pecs. It’s just….science. I get TV and film are fantasy but it’s sad to see so many of my friends sobbing and starving themselves.

I’m very well aware that I look smack on normal, I will never give up cake even if you promised me the role of Cathy Earnshaw, and fuck you for implying that I, a girl who has to take in the waists of her skirts, needs to adhere to Parisian styles of thin.

Basically: Girls (and guys) I know you are incredibly hot and any director would be lucky to work with your range, determination and adherance to his vision. So when some prat who could do with a fitbit himself says ‘How would you feel about losing some weight?’ don’t take it to heart.

He’s a prick.

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24 year old with an awful lot to say about everything. Opinions entirely my own. Usually.

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